Quotes by JR Hager (me)

"If you're not a liberal by age 20 you have no heart. If you're not an anarchist by age 30 you haven't any mind left!" -JR Hager

 "Stop praying for help to come from the outside, 
meditate to see the help from the inside." -JR Hager

"When they can't make sense, they make violence." -JR Hager

"I'd rather be illegally healthy and alive than 
legally sick and dead." -JR Hager

  "Right is right no matter who's doing it, and wrong is wrong 
even if everybody's doin it." -JR Hager

"Imagine staging an alien invasion and the 
audience didn't show up!" -JR Hager

"Hello, life is here, get your head the hell out of your 
phone and answer the call!" -JR Hager

"Ya know, people will vote for 'Hitler' just because 
she has a vagina!" -JR Hager

"Who would ever think a 'young' person could think so 'old'!" 
-JR Hager (Marco Rubio and Marijuana legalization - 

"Young Americans are pushed around in strollers, old Americans are pushed around in wheelchairs, and in the middle we are just plainly pushed around .... for how long?"  -JR Hager

"I prepare my taxes on April 1st for obvious reasons." -JR Hager

"You aren't getting anywhere till the skeptics 
call you a quack!"-JR Hager

"The more I know about humans, the more I love our animal friends." -JR Hager

“No matter the country we live, without Health and Liberty 
we have nothing.”
-JR Hager

"It's a beautiful day no matter the weather or 
who's ever ass is in the white house!" -JR Hager

"The only reason that you got fired or divorced was because there's  better horizons for you." -JR Hager

"Nothing that comes out of a hospital is any good 
.... except you!" -JR Hager

"'We' can't handle the truth.... ()>* .... not to say that 
it won't happen." -JR Hager

"People WERE more interested in the functions of their church, than the functions of their Earth .... now look at us!" -JR Hager

"Religion is a distraction and poor excuse for spirituality."
-JR Hager

      "Marriage is a waylay and ruin of a perfectly good friendship."       -JR Hager

"Question before swallowing something that should have a seed,   but doesn't !" -JR Hager

"There's still time to stop regrets !"-JR Hager

"You have to be crazy to be sane." -JR Hager

"Social Media is making the World libertarian, no matter what the 'dick-tator' says !"-JR Hager

"They had to change their views, they were outnumbered by the truth."-JR Hager

"Every cell in our bodies are listening and recording everything we say, think and feel."-JR Hager

     "With all the pollution, starvation and disease, 'they' start another war ?"-JR Hager

"Whatever you are looking for, you are looking with !" ~JR Hager

"There is no more Science Fiction, we are now living it." -JR Hager

"They certainly don't want us to be aware that we don't need 'them.'"-JR Hager

"If you saw yourself in a movie, would you like the character?"-JR Hager

"There's so many people in that pool it's surprising the water is still blue!"-JR Hager

"Make sure your hands are clean before pointing fingers." -JR Hager

"People that can't change, can't stop change!"-JR Hager

  "Synthetic drugs and foods are for synthetic people and animals. Ever see any?"-JR Hager

"Drugs kill, herbs heal!"-JR Hager

"Why would Doctors and Dentists ever prescribe something that heals you? They would be out of business in no time!"-JR Hager

"Imagine if the marijuana medicine killed people and never worked, we would have to advertise it like 'they' do~!"-JR Hager

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