Fireworks with Yourself (MASTURBATION)

Why of course it's good and healthy to fook yourself !

First it must be said that having a fulfilling relationship with another person is ideal, but if that situation isn't available at the moment, or if the present relationship needs something extra, then pleasuring yourself and making your own 'fireworks' is the most natural solution.

Well, there is one "'m' word" that is still in the closet. The other that I know, Marijuana, is out and about making it's rounds helping society. The 'M' word that is still in there hiding and remains a taboo is .... "pssss....over here by hydroponics, quiet, bring your ear here .... masturbation," I whispered. I blushed.

It should have been out of the closet long before marijuana has, but that just goes to show you how truly sick we as a people are. If we were open about masturbation and marijuana long ago, there would be no more wars and there would be more healthy and happy people today, and there wouldn't be such a population explosion as there is. As you'll see, a lot of the ailments cannabis eases, masturbation does the same. And the ones that don't, you can always mix the two without any interaction side-effects, at least the side-effects that are not enjoyable and beneficial! CAUTION you just may well start to feel good, 'big brother' forbid!

If 'Paula Palm' is no stranger to ya dude (do the girls have 'Fred Finger'?) you can be proud to say, "I'm a 'jerk-off." Paula's been a great gal even when the other's turned out to be a poor choice of partners. She'll always be there to lend you a hand and administer the goodness for you. And if she tires she just lets her sister, Pam, continue. There's no need to worry where the Palm sisters have been, if they are in a good mood or any other made-up drama, they do it perfectly every time, right on the money. And why wouldn't they, they are you. They truly love you man, unconditionally, and want you to feel good and have the best orgasm of your life. The Palm sisters, or the Finger brothers, want you to be happy and healthy and love life and it's pleasures, and to love yourself. Because if you can't love yourself, and masturbate, you can't truly know and understand how others like to be loved and treated.

I wish doctors would say to a patient, instead of dealing them drugs, "Oh you don't have to come in today to see me. Save your money, stay home. What you do is put on some sexy music and make a nice hot bath. Use some bath beads that make your skin slick like and have some weed or some wine or both. Then I want you to pleasure yourself like you've never done it before, because that's what you really need. You don't need drugs, you need to love yourself more, that is all. Then call me in the morning if you really need to. But if you don't call me I now that it did the trick."

"If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool." -Hippocrates

(from the article linked below)

Studies indicate that women who masturbate regularly have better chances of leading satisfying sex lives. Research reports also indicate that women who masturbated regularly had better health and also better marriages. Masturbation also made them aware about their own sexual needs and offered them a way of exploring their sexuality. Women experienced an increase in self confidence through masturbation. Masturbation is definitely a very important part of anybody's life. Suffice to say, it's a great stress buster and makes for a happier life.
A study for men performed at Tabriz Medical University in 2008 claims that ejaculating can help to reduce swelling in the nose, ease congestion and improve nasal breathing. Apparently, the act of ejaculation allows for the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and has lasting effects. Masturbation can benefit cardiovascular health. It can be beneficial in improving the flow of blood throughout the body, thus lowering blood pressure and regulating breathing. Masturbation is good for the prostate. Frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. This is because the prostate gland becomes filled with fluid that makes up semen. This fluid is known for housing any toxins and carcinogens that have settled in the prostate. The more this fluid is expelled, the less the chances are that cancer will develop in the prostate. Additionally, an Australian research study suggests that men between the ages of 20 and 50 who masturbated at least 5 times per week were 1/3 less likely to have prostate cancer.

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LBN NEWS: SWEDEN: IT’S ‘OK’ TO MASTURBATE IN PUBLIC: Didn’t “target a specific person,” or just horrible aim? A Swedish man charged with sexual assault for masturbating on a beach in Stockholm was acquitted after a court ruled the act was not “directed towards one or more people.” The 65-year-old Swede in question was caught with his pants around his ankles, pleasuring himself near the water’s edge in June. Thanks to this monumental ruling, Swedes can pleasure themselves in public so long as they’re somewhat discreet about it. “With that we can conclude that it is okay to masturbate on the beach,” the prosecutor declared. But don’t get too carried away on the shores of Stockholm: “disorderly conduct” charges may still apply.
...and to prove how natural and normal masturbation is : Fetuses Masturbate !

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