Fetuses Masturbate !

"Fetuses masturbate? yea right!" Just when I thought it was safe to go on to another subject, after completing my very controversial blog  'Fireworks with Yourself' - I get a Christmas gift that tells me, "hold on there space monkey. Here's somethin else right down your line. You'll be known as 'Doctor Jerk-off" for sure after this."

And it is a book gift, which are my main gifts for the year. And my yearly gifts I receive are mostly books. They must be getting the idea I like books. Good. I do, and especially the unusual type books. And I'm talkin real books here, made out of wood, not plastic, '100 Things You're Not Supposed to know,' by Russ Kick. A wonderful compilation of 100 unique facts unknown to most people.Thank you Russ Kick, most of them blew me away, if I can use that vibrator, I mean vernacular. (Amazon below)

So naturally if ya have twins they'll do it together, but when they do that together after their born that means the kids would need to be 're-born' or worse 'exorcism' or worse even 'Father kills you in a rage'! But if life was better to you, or you it, and you got through all that and continue to masturbate, good for you two. 'Jerk-off be happy - Jerk-off be healthy' is my motto. Hey and just happen to think; they could pin 'incest' on those kids quite easily these days.

Oh and found another one, #51 Men have clitorises' which I'll have to get back to and find out where.
Come to think of it I think I ......

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# 56
In 1996, two ob-gyns in Itally published a letter in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecologyl. The heart of the matter was:

-We recently observed a female fetus a 32 weeks gestation touching the vulva with the fingers of the right hand. The caressing movements were centered primarily on the region of the clitoris. Movements stopped after 30 to 40 seconds and started again after a few minutes. Furthermore, these slight touches were repeated and were associated with shore, rapid movements of pelvis and legs. After another break, in addition to this behavior, the fetus contracted the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and then clonicotonic movements[ie, prolonged spasms] of the whole body followed, Finally, she relaxed and rested.
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T H I S  J U S T  I N :

vincent wade drunk naked Vincent Wade Crashes His Car, Gets Naked And Plays With Himself On The Street:
Apparently Philadelphia is now the City of Brotherly Self-Love as well.
On Monday morning, Vincent J. Wade, a 34-year-old Jersey man, allegedly got wasted and crashed his car into a Pennsylvania Crown Fried Chicken, Philly Mag first reported. Then things got a little out of hand -- or in-hand, if you think about it.


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