And For All I know .... (an eye on the sky)

.....I'm all wet, out of touch with reality, and just another crazy human with far fetched ideas trying to make sense of the age old mystery, 'the meaning of life.' As if it really matters.

For all I know I (we) could be right, but then us humanoids are always playing head games on each other, and particularly with ourselves. Is there another game in town? You bet your cell phone, You 'child of the universe' You. And I mean that literally, figuratively and whatever-ally !

Most of us would rather get into our favorite TV program, text a friend, tweet a follower, download an app, and play a video game instead of giving any of their time, thought or energy to 'The REAL Game' at hand.

And no it's not politics, religion or sports, far from it. But the 'gate keepers' of these waylays certainly don't want You to think otherwise, to think out of the box, or rather, out of our little World and our comfort zones we have tangled ourselves up in. And they certainly don't want You to think for Yourselves and stop being another one of their mindless consumer sheeples.

You know who you are, and here, I'll help you discover your true sheeple colors and just how evolved you really are, I was one, by mentioning just two words. Or just three capital letters would do the trick here, then you can stop reading and run back to your entertainment fix, and call me crazy and weird or whatever makes you happy, comfortable and settled-in.

What, your faith based beliefs can't fathom this one without a 'see it and then I'll believe it' attitude? ........!

Here's the three letters that will separate the apes from the Neanderthals, the men from the boys, the giggly girls from the ones with character and maturity........ UFO.

 Most of you .....
.....probably left and missed my 'smoking gun' that blew me away, damn, it confirmed it for me as well as many, many others. As to why 'big gov.' and the controllers of the world don't want to come clean with the abundance of knowledge, information and evidence they hide or covet. It would cause mass hysteria. Suicides would be rampant, as at least some have speculated, but I don't think so. I think that's what we were trained to think would happen.

Like the day, or night, we discovered fire. Sure, allot of us cavemen ran away or ran into the cave to whimper or beat our head against the wall, but the strong ones, the leaders, if you will, had the balls, or the vaginas, to step up to the 'hot, gold glow' and learn from it. No, I think the bottom line here, the truthful reason they don't want 'word' to get out, that is just too clear and bi-partisan, is because they will simply and suddenly be without a job. They would not be the controllers anymore, the 'visitors' would be, like they always have been.

My previous blog page that landed on this subject, UFO - No Part 2, concluded with my vague hypothesis that us humans are descendants of, who we call, aliens. Much like, very much like, the way we call Mexicans aliens. Or the way we call and treat anybody who enters 'our' land who we deem different. Yes, as hard as it my be to comprehend, and let sink into our thick skulls, in both instances we were not the first. We were not the first on these 'United' States or on this floating, twirling, tilting planet. No, no matter how we try to rationalize it with our 'fresh from the cave' mentality, or try to political correct it, or hiding it behind mass quantities of entertainment opiates, we are, and always have been, and will be, the aliens.

And I really didn't dig any further. It was logical to me, and without a 'close encounter of the first kind' moment to solidify my 'out of this world' belief, I held my faith tight, and went on my merry way, always looking and checking at the heavens. An eye on the sky.

Then came along the program 'Ancient Aliens' that bit me on the ass, enlightened me further and shouted, "hey there space monkey, you're right-on with your premise." But not only that, more evidence flowed to my thankful ears to help me prop-up my beliefs. One item that really is the most heart pounding, teeth clenching, show stopping for me, is the episode about our DNA and the one gene that we have that separates us from other animals. This gene makes us human. But to how it got there, is the mystery. It did not and could not evolve like the rest of the genes in our DNA. This gene had to be put there.

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11-04-2011  •  arclein 
Answer: This is a good question (much better then the previous) and I have not explained it properly to you. Our knowledge about the first war comes completely from an ancient artefact, which was found around 16,000 years ago from our archeologists o 

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10-22-2011  •  arclein 
'The thing that’s really cool is that 18 degrees is not particularly cold nor particularly hot,' says Woody Fischer, a scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and co-author of the paper. '


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