Dr. Ron Paul Signs ....

.... and the signs of more people actually thinking logically about their country's problems, breaking out of their 'sheeple mold' and using their own heads for a change.

Paul’s vote totals more than tripled between 2008 (18,308 votes) and 2012 (56,000 votes) ..... and still counting. 

That's what a real change is all about. Or has the definition of 'change' been changed? You know, like the meaning of  'sex' was changed when Clinton partied in the Oval Office. The meaning of 'separation of church and state' and the meaning in the Constitution of  'due process' when, why and how to starting a war, were changed, like when the Bush boys worked in the White House. Now we got a 'Prez' who clocks in and raises the debt ceiling ....twice.....before changing his ways and spending sprees, and be bipartisan. Normal people would be sent to jail, and rightly so, if they tried to lay this kind of shit on their creditors. Glad I don't rent to these people.

But I dare say this, fellow Americans, if we don't get a real Commander and Chief in there this time, one that cares more for the people, than himself, his job, and his re-election, than we will be doomed to regret this chance, this moment in time, we had to save US. Regret we put another generic President in there.  And regret what legacy we left for our future generations to ponder on.

"What the hell did they put him in office for? Weren't they aware of their problems? They must have been insane, voting the same but expecting something different. Now all of us gotta live with more shit!"      

Dr. Paul and Granddaughter ~ Have you seen any other contenders with their shirt off ? .......NOT !

The following question I posted on HubPages. I admit it was a 'baited' question, but I sure didn't expect the degree of dishonesty I got for answers. Granted it's a very small portion to judge from, and it was before the Doctor got second place in New Hampshire, but I still find my answers fitting and politically correct. And yes, even hubpage writers have an agenda. At least the few here, that were drawn and felt the need to vent their answers on me.

(I've changed the name and their picture, for their own safety)
johnwindbell profile image75

How many Ron Paul signs have you seen

 on people's front lawns in your town?

I've never seen any other candidate's signs on a front lawn, ever.

W says

Absolutely none. But that's because I live in Georgia, and our primary 
is still a long way off.
       (+1)  |  12 days ago
      * -I have lived in Georgia for 20 yrs. I have many friends that live 
      all over the state and all of them tell me there are loads of Ron 
      Paul signs around, even along 285 and Spaghetti Junction they 
      have them. 
      ow|  (+1)  |  12 days ago
      O says
      No one in my town believes in the electoral process anymore and 
      so we see no open support for any candidates.
        11 days ago
      * -This is an odd one.  Must be an AC/DC kinda person. Either 
      that or they want to think they know every bodies innermost 
      thoughts. A real Busy-body here.

    P says

    But then we don't allow political signs in this community.
    Ron Paul has no chance of being elected. His only value is that he will suck away some votes that might otherwise go to GOP candidates.
     |  (+1)  |  12 days ago
    * -Sounds like this one loves to be controlled by government and loves to pass on propaganda to his fellow Americans no matter what the state of the country is in. 

    D says

    we can always count on one family posting a Ron Paul sign every election he's been vying for. I think they are the only one in town.
     |  (+1)  |  11 days ago

    J says

    No lawn signs, but he has purchased a large billboard next to the freeway onramp.
     |  (+1)  |  11 days ago

    H says

     |  (+1)  |  11 days ago

    F says

    None. The guy is a nutcase on far too many issues.
     |  (+1 / -2)  |  12 days ago
    * -This is the type person that would agree that the Earth is flat, if his government told him. And he probably works for the government in some way and worried about his job.

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