Chuntaros Cowboy Boots

I remember my first pair ....
.....of skis, I mean cowboy boots. I still have them in a chest with my first cowboy hat. I wore them till they wore-out, or rather, I grew-out of them. It was the process of me growing-up and coming to grips with the fact that no matter how hard I try I was not and will not ever become a cowboy. And, oh yea, after I found out how cool the Indians were and how they were 'screwed' by the cowboys, I didn't want any part of the lifestyle. (and that included voting for one)

But while I wore the hat and boot and played cowboy, I could picture myself on a horse tending the cattle, lassoing the ones that needed to be branded, and certainly I'd be in Rodeos. I understood the function of the hat and the boots and just how ideal they were to the 'cow hand' and their business. The hat shades the harsh weather and sun from the face and eyes, out there on the range. The boots protect your feet and ankles from tall brush as you ride, or save your life if a rattlesnake doesn't like where you were walking. And the boots were pointed so it was easier to slide them in the saddle's stirrups when you mounted your horse.

There was even a time I had a sombrero, but after I wore it in the rain, I guess something they had little of in Mexico, it got sopping wet and sagged down over my face and shoulders. It may have looked good for awhile but it ended up being entirely dysfunctional. These things like hats and shoes are supposed to be worn for a reason, the reason they were invented in the first place. Right? Wrong! Not these days.

These days it's the meaning of the clothes is more important and is the reason one wears a particular item of clothing. ~Which brings me to these new boots called Chuntaros, or at least I think they are called that. Everything I found about these boots online was in Mexican, and I speak America's first language. Or they could be called Chuntaritos, or is that the name of the person who wears these boots? Possibly, hopefully, somebody will enlighten me with a comment and take me from this darkness. And while you're at it .... what is the function of these things? Are they like, like party costumes? Do they have anything to do with the Wizard of Oz? .........I don't know, please tell me.....
.... cuz these boots arn't made for walkin, and that's just what their supposed to do, one of these days .....(sorry Nancy)

A native indian hailing from Michoacan, and other northern states of Mexico whose name has been unfairly turned into a derogative term used to describe a "tacky Mexican" "wet-back."
Mexican slang word, synonym for "naco"
(1) an Indian or Indian-looking Mestizo
(2) an uncultured or lower class person
*Pronounced: CHOON-tah-roh


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