Ice Cream can be a Health Food !

The way I make it .... can certainly be called a health food. And all I do is just replace the 'bad for you things' like the sugar & trans fatty oils, with the more natural ingredients. This is very easily done if you make your own ice cream, then you know exactly whats in it. And since I use the old fashioned ice cream maker pictured here, I get an added healthful bonus. I get a work-out for my arms, shoulders and hands as I make it.

Oh, I can see you turn up your nose now, thinking that if you take away these things that the ice cream will taste 'yucky' like health food does. You couldn't be more wrong. I replace one of the worse ingredient, sugar, with honey or the natural sweetener called Xylo Sweet that I buy at the health food store. But sometimes I don't use any sweeteners at all and just use the natural sweeteners in the fruit I incorporate, and I use a group of fruit. It ends up being mostly fruit with a little ice cream on the side.

But the main ingredient I use that no other ice cream company would dare use, and this really keeps it on the 'health food shelf' is raw milk. And I swear, if you have never had ice cream made with raw milk, you have never had ice cream. The unadulterated milk or cream (unpasteurized) not only makes the ice cream taste absolutely great, or rather awesome, but it will take less time to produce your batch. I have no idea why. Maybe the natural enzymes in the raw milk, destroyed by pasteurization, speeds up the process naturally. You can not make any byproducts from milk if it is pasteurized. All those things, cream butter etc., has to be done before that process. So that might be a clue or part of the answer as to why I can make ice cream in about half the time it would normally take.

And I've gottin a little crazy in my ice cream making. One kind I make I call my 'protein ice cream' is made with avocados. But I haven't made it very often, it's an acquired taste, and is something I did when I lived alone.

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