Pornography Works ....

... at least for him.

There's a good friend of mine, in his sixties and a child of the 'sixties,' that swears by the helpfulness of pornography, and how it has kept his marriage together all these years.
We wouldn't have even been on the subject, had it not been for the ad on TV pushin the 'blue pill,' or one like it, I'm not sure. He's not the boisterous type especially with this subject. He is very mild mannered and a born again christian; as to why I was so startled hearing the word pop out of his mouth with such ease. He has grown comfortable with me over the years and we have 'bounced' a lot of each other, but porno wasn't one of them.

We already talked about abortion, and agreed after about an hour, that it was ultimately the woman's decision to do with her body what she feels best, and that the father shouldn't be left entirely out in the cold, unless of course he wants to be anonymous. It was around the time of the 'abortion pill' came out, which made it somewhat easier on the subject. It also left the wire coat hangers completely, thankfully, out of the picture.

As he told me, he could never come to this conclusion, and say it honestly, with his fellow church goers. He had said the same thing after our prostitution chat, and whether it should be legal. That was a shorter discussion than the abortion one. It was all down hill when he quoted the bible *it is better to put your seed in a belly of a whore then spill it on the ground*

And I bounced a few statistics in the 'rap' of how the divorce rate is much lower in countries that have either legalized or decriminalized the oldest profession. Not to mention the crime rate that must have dropped along with it. Pot wasn't even a discussion, but it came around this time. Somehow the use of 'legal' words must have triggered it, making it next on our agenda. We both agree and stand on the Willie Nelson side, rather than his church goers side, and either of us have smoked. He said he was tired of hearing about it, and added, "if it's so damn evil and dangerous .... where's all the bodies?

“Some men are almost all mob-self, incapable of imaginative individual responses.” -D.H. Lawrence, writing eighty years ago, in his essay “Pornography and Obscenity.”

Maybe all these conversations over the years,

broken-up by small talk and my neutral stance on most everything, were in essence little steps of comfort for him, eventually, after steadily climbing, reaching the top step that was marked 'Porno.' (probably in dripping red paint) Or it was the wine before and after dinner that opened him up a bit. Or the fact that his wife, Carla, didn't join him this visit, I'm not sure, maybe all three; but there in the middle of CSI Vegas the ad came on, and sure enough, he shared with me his secret weapon he uses against the 'limps,' as he calls it.

"I don't have very many videos, some are so old that the tape broke when I rewound it, but of late all I have to do is just slide it in and watch the beginning with hardly any nudity at all, and I'll begin to feel it. Sometimes the mere act of just sliding the video in will work it's magic; like Pavlov's dog, I imagine. I don't go for the new stuff out on the market. Everything's too perfect and contrived. I go for the archival B+W movies of old. I guess I get-off watching the grandparents screw rather than the younger adults. I don't know, It just works, and it aint a drug."

"Other times I don't have to watch it at all. The old music and the sound of moaning will help. I am so pleased; of late I've been able to perform more than once during the evening, and a few times in the afternoon as well; by just leaving the video in or putting in another one and leaving it run. I feel like a teenager again, JR."

"I guess it's OK with Carla," I asked....

.... and Twittered myself. (can you go blind if you do that toooooooo much?)
"Oh yea, you bet your bootie it is. She's not much for watchin it herself and only watched it briefly a few times in the beginning, but she certainly doesn't want me to use any drugs from the 'doc,' or, for that matter; spending untold hours stuck to the TV masturbating like the 'Hogan Hero's' guy, what's his name?"
"Bob Crane" I told him. I'm a great one for trivia.
"I guess that would seem like I'm cheating on her. But you know; when I watch them on the screen 'goin-at-it,' I don't really see them, strangers, and I don't feel like a voyeur, so much, I see Carla and I ....and I run to her arms when I'm ready."
"Howabout in the printed form? That seems to be the 'classieast' way. Have you read any Anais Nin?"
"No. I like the movies. But don't tell her I told you, Carla's reading her now. Her sister turned her on to it."
"Well, whatever works, my friend."
"You got that right, dude."

by JR~


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