Meat Glue in our meat ?

'Meat Glue'....... this takes me back. Back to an other hub page of mine called, 'So Nutritious Fake Blueberries.'
But at least with this, what you are eating, if you decide to except it or not, comes from the same source, but this stuff, hate to tell ya, has ZERO nutritional value. And doesn't the looks of this just make your mouth water? -> -> yum yum -> ->
Don't forget to tell your server, "easy on the beef and double the Meat Glue!" Oh, and your dinning experience may have tee-shirts available with - 'Where's the Beef Glue?' - printed on the front.

Well ...lets hear it for the meat industry! They are certainly running neck and neck with 'big pharma' who also slyly sneak other things down your throat without your knowledge. Using a special product called "meat glue," meat suppliers are using meat scraps, too small to sell, to create portions of meat for distribution. And get this, this tactic is so effective that not even experts can tell the difference between the regular piece of meat and the meat prepared with this stuff, or rather, meat glue.

And what is this ...uh....stuff ? Hold on to your burger now, but meat glue is an enzyme known as transglutaminase. Many meat glues are created by cultivating bacteria, bacteria made from blood plasma. Blood plasma, the coagulant that makes blood clot, from pigs and cows, and I guess anything else that's running around. Hope you're still holding your burger, wape your mouth - this enzyme" (transglutaminaseis) is so toxic that workers who are around this product must use masks. And, the bacterial contamination of meat glued, lets say a steak, is hundreds of times higher than authentic pieces of steak. And if that isn't enough to let your steak lay there and leave the ambiance of your restaurant behind; glued meat is much harder to cook, thus making it harder to kill any bacteria that might be hangin-out. And once any food poisoning is present, it is nearly impossible to trace the exact source when multiple chunks of meat are glued together from any number of animals.

Question, question dear authoritative one at the podium - 1. Why is it OK for people to eat something, when in fact the people who work and produce it have to wear masks? And 2. Why do I have to ask this simple question, aren't you a people too?

The European Union, in May of 2010, banned this "meat glue" because of misleading the public with a non-beneficial product . By allowing these fake pieces of meat to be sold to customers that virtually have no idea what their getting, and what their eating. Just think....the steak you ordered may actually be smaller pieces of meat that are glued together with this enzyme. So, in essence it's worth a fraction of the cost, and it's dangerous to consume. (yum yum) ......... And don't forget the tip.

Just when you thought it was safe to eat conventional meats: Conventional meat found at most grocery stores are from animals that are injected with hormones to make them grow fast, antibiotics to keep the animals clean, so they don't have to clean up so much, and are thoroughly contaminated by pesticides in their food. Animals are often locked in small cages and raised in 'prison-like' farms that force the animals to consume genetically modified corn instead of the grass they are supposed to eat. Although it seems like the only creatures affected by these alterations are the animals themselves, but not so lucky there drooling carnivores. Most of the population eats meat, and by altering this meat supply with meat glue, and the like, the human population will, and has been, no doubt, suffering.

Ya-no Yur Stoner  ~when skunk road kill doesn't smell all that bad to ya ! 


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