UFO .... No .... (part two)

Never thought .....

...... I'd be doing another hub page on the UFO/Alien subject, but in the time since I wrote UFO...No a lot of new and exciting info has come to light that has pulled me back into it.

No, I have not seen one with my own eyes face to face, been abducted or probed as yet, but, what opened up this 'black-hole'- 'worm hole' of this final frontier for me, again, is what follows:

After I put my ego aside ..

and any religion that would get in my way, I seriously took another look at the whole of evolution, our evolution on this planet.

Because if I didn't leave my ego and dogma I would think that our evolution, the human, is about finished and we have reached the point where we can evolve no further. And that, fellow space traveler, can't be the case for this dude.

Because; aren't we still killing each other over religion or land or food! Because aren't their still homeless and fellow beings starving when we can produce enough food for everybody! Aren't we still letting our government and big business control us when we've always been able to take care of ourselves! Don't we still suffer from racism! Aren't their still walls and boarders separating us. Don't we still pollute our dear planet, and our dear bodies!

Oh yea, we've got a computer and a nifty little cell phone and can travel in space, somewhat, but we really haven't gotten too far from the cave. And anybody that tells you different is only trying to sell you something to get your mind off of 'this stuff.' 'This stuff' -you know, the important stuff that life is made of. Think about it; take electricity from us for a month and you'll see just how far we've evolved from the caveman.

In the News: m
The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revised its earlier estimates of Earthlike worlds in our galaxy. Now the space agency believes up to 2 billion such planets exist.

Stating that about one of every 37 to 70 type-G stars (suns like our own) might support alien life has significantly raised the possibility of a universe teeming with intelligent life.

So, taking this 'trail of evolution' ....

......along it's merry way, bumpy or smooth ride, (throw in creationism if you like), there is sign post up ahead which reads, 'What are we evolving into?' We can see where we've come from with fossils and the likes of bones and mummies, but there is nothing to study, learn, prepare for how we are going to be when we grow up, I mean evolve. smile. Or is there?

Have there been other 'messages' 'tracks' that we've missed while we were delving into the fossils, bones and mummies oh-my? Or are we left with messages and tracks and signs all the time, and have been since we stepped out of the cave? I think it's exactly that. I think all the lights in the sky, all the crashes across the globe, the abductions, the crop circles, and all this UFO stuff has been the sign post, a trail, a message, a reverse or 'pre-fossil,' if you will, of what we will evolve into. And, in this case, fear not fellow earthling, they would never mean us any harm, for we are their generic code. ... we're related ...we go way back, dude.

Before you call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist, off the wall and ready to be drugged, lobotomized and shut in a cage, if you haven't done this already, saving yourself more of this UFO stuff; give me one more comment, and we part friends .... Haven't we lost most of our hair already! .... Hasn't our brain grown! .... Arn't our eyes, nose and mouth situated at the same place! (wouldn't want it any other way, God knows what crazy-lookin-shit is out there, and I have an array of horrific space creatures, thanks to hollywood.) and they have only two arms and legs....I can hear ya now .... "if 'they' do exist, there space monkey, why haven't they just landed on the white house lawn for all to see?... Well, dear humanoid like I, that would be like us trying to explain all our ingenuity and 21st century advancements .... to, lets say, to be modest ..... a monkey, suddenly on an afternoon.

For pity sakes, they know. If their here, they are advanced enough to know an introduction as this, in living color on all the TV and radio channels instantly .... it would freak us the #$%^ out ! ....but No, haven't seen a UFO... No

* Wonder ....wonder if they have insurance ads on their TV at home ?  .... "even a human can do it."

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