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Raw Milk - the Udder, Better Choice

“This is your brain on Raw Milk,” will be on the Tube.... “It’s a gateway drink,” will be preached from a pulpit at a church near you.... "Raw Milk Madness’," will be sold at bookstalls.... "Raw Milk is destroying our youth," will make the front page of the local paper. 

You'll think it's a bit of a stretch and I'm being silly. This could never happen, not in America! - I hear you tell me. How could something so perfect for us humans, a staple of our healthful existence, the fabric of our lives, be treated like a poison. Raw Milk would never be illegal - you laugh.

But yes, I'm here to tell ya folks, this is far from a joke. It's already happening. Raw milk is already illegal. Selling raw milk is illegal in 18 states, and in four others, it can be purchased only as pet food. That's because the US Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Medical Association have warned for years that unpasteurized - or "raw" - milk, yogurt and cheeses can carry listeria, salmonella, and E. coli.

Already the use of scare-tactics and fear-leaking propaganda of the dangers of Raw Milk is firmly in place and planted in the heads of the public. No matter how safe the milk business was before they adopted Louis Pasture's money making idea of pasteurization, seems somehow to be beside the point and unimportant. And, since pasteurization took over with a vengeance, people that not only continue to drink Raw Milk and other unadulterated dairy products, without getting sick, but also rave of the healing powers or the lack of doctor visits since they switched, are usually shunned, or peered at as if they were hippie pushers.

I have relatives that were in the milk business before and after this new heating process. We’ve talked about it on numerous occasions throughout my life, always concluding: the only reason they used this process is so it could sit on the shelves longer at a grocery stores. It had nothing to do with any health benefits; it was all in the money. (Sound familiar?)

“And it ain’t any better for ya than colored water,” my great uncle has said. His family owned Lankerbrook Dairy at one time. After all these years, I think, he still has a chip on shoulder. He loved being a milkman, and, in essence I'm a milkman too. And I'm proud, very proud to say it.... I Twittered myself ! 

"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority."
— Benjamin Franklin

My Y o u T u b e Channel

I confess. I'm out of the closet. I’m a Raw Milk head ....

.... but I only use it medically of course, and not because it taste so darn good! So yes, I admit it, judge me as you will, as well as the others in this country that are forced to have a connection. We have to hit the street, and to talk street. We deal in the ‘black market’ because it is our drink of choice. We joke about it, sure, but it's still very serous to us. And why wouldn't it be; it concerns our health, our bodies. It’s our family secret. Before I leave for my weekly ’score,’ I’ll first look out the peephole of my front door for any suspicious cars with darkly tinted windows or actual ornamental cop cars. I’ll take a different rout every week to, and from, my raw milk ‘dealer.’ I’ll call Joseph.

No, not yet, I don’t have to see him under the cloak of darkness, call a number or leave a text code on his cell phone before I pick it up. He has no phone, no PC and no need to meet at an undisclosed location; just his farm. He doesn’t have a car, instead he has a buggy. And he doesn't have to be in disguise, but he sure looks like he is; he’s Amish. And there’s just one day he won’t do business on his farm; Sunday, and there’s only one guarantee he offers; his family drinks the same, and have for years. Mind you, I’ve never seen a healthier Family. And when I asked him if he or any of his family, or any other Amish families that he knows of have ever gotten sick from it. "Certainly not," he answered in a German accent, "or we wouldn't drink it."

Makes sense to me. This is the only 'FDA seal of approval that I need to observe. I'd certainly rather listen to him than some fat, fast-food infested bureaucrat, who doesn't even know me; tell me what is good for me and what I’m permitted to consume, into my own body. And thank the happy Buddha that drinking raw milk doesn't make a person feel the slight bit euphoric. Or you could bet your Oreos there would soon be a Raw Milk Czar appointed, and the DEA would be expanded. The FBI would fall from the sky and land hard on the dairy farm like stink on cow patties. They’d confiscate cows, if not just slaughter them, and render the milking machine as well as all the containers to be now classified as paraphernalia. And it wouldn’t matter in the slightest the non-lethal history of this drink, the health benefits, and it being as God intended it. The milk, butter, cheese, and probably the eggs too, all dairy products will be destroyed under the guise of political correctness.

”Say No to Raw Milk" .... "It’s a Raw Milk War!”.... “Beware of the Raw Milk pusher”.... “Raw Milk will make you go nuts and be violent”.... “There are Raw Milk gangs”.... “Raw Milk is stronger now than in the 60's".... -a new contrived slogan every week that your child would bring home from their M.A.R.E. program at school, and spring it on the family. Such family fun; then the kids can ‘rat’ on their parents when they catch them with Raw Milk.

As far as I know there isn’t anybody that's now doing hard prison time ....

.... taken the fall, goin over, for possession with intent to distribute unpasteurized milk. Or any comedian that’s been indicted for selling milk bottles on the Internet. Or any Canadians that are going to be extradited for selling cow sperm in their magazine called 'Raw Milk Culture.' But you mark my word; 'they' will. And why not? “They’ve” gotten away with so much before this; without logic or truth to stand in their way. What's the difference?

Already somebody has been arrested:
Like a scene out of George Orwell 1984, distraught Family members and customers watch in horror on April of '08' as a squadron of police cars and state agents took Mark Nolt, a Pennsylvania farmer, away in handcuffs. No, he wasn't a terrorist nor did he harm anybody in any way or steal anything. Nolt was selling Raw Milk, Yogart and fresh Cheeses. Nolt says his transactions were a private matter between him and his customers, of which he's never had a complaint, and that his rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania's Food Act of 1935. Regardless of whatever he could recite to the officers, turned SS, Pennsylvania fined him more than $4,000, and confiscated more than $50,000 in equipment and fresh dairy products. Nolt is going to appeal the case.

All you fans of raw milk will be a little upset when you read today's story: A small family farm in Missouri has been targeted by a state-run sting operation that now seeks to prosecute two farmers' daughters for selling two gallons of raw milk.
This story really hits home for me, as I grew up just a few miles from where this tyranny is taking place. Read more in my feature story that calls the Missouri AG a tyrant:

Comin-at-cha! The politician will soon have Raw Milk on their platform as well as on their lips. Raw Milk will give the First Lady and her husband something to do with their royal time. An answer to their post election hangover and the headache of looking important and busy now, since they were hired. Another scare tactic, another make-work project for them. Time to fix the unbroken, or break it to fix it, while all the time, hopefully for two terms, blaming the other side. "Goody-goody, another prohibition game we can all play.” "It's the right thing to do." "The right message for the children."

Who would have ever thought our government would be as inflated as it has become. That 'big brother' or rather, 'huge brother with gout' would have their tentacles stuck in all that they do. And as they keep doing. And, oh yeah, the Constitution, remember that?

Ah yes, I can see it now:
Soon there will be a Boston Milk Party, like the tea party of our forefathers, where unhappy patriots and farmers will toss jugs of milk overboard in protest. Their chant would be, “no pasteurization without representation.” And then, to further 'huge brother’s' agenda and effort to make Raw Milk sound worse than what it really is, in their infinite wisdom, with media's help of course, will change the name from Raw Milk - to ‘Milkijuana.’ 

Ya-no Yur Stoner  ~when ya think Ron Paul is President ! 

Why pasteurization is so bad !

  • Pasteurization is used to mask low-quality milk
  • Heat destroys a great number of bacteria in milk and thus conceals the evidence of dirt, pus and dirty dairy practices. To combat the increase in pathogens milk goes through ‘clarification’, ‘filtering’, ‘bactofugation’ and two ‘deariation’ treatments. Each of these treatments uses heat ranging from 100-175 degrees Fahrenheit. Dairies count on many heat treatments to mask their inferior sanitary conditions: milk filled with pus, manure and debris.
  • Homogenization of milk causes leucocytes (pus) to settle as sediment in the bottom of milk. The milk industry calls this pus sediment ‘slime’: a grayish-oily sludge. This slime is removed by ‘clarification’
  • Pasteurization destroys vitamin C, and damages the water soluble B vitamins diminishing the nutrient value of milk
  • Calcium and other minerals are made unavailable by pasteurization
  • Milk enzymes, proteins, antibodies as well as beneficial hormones are destroyed by pasteurization resulting in devitalized ‘lifeless’ milk. Milk enzymes help digest lactose and both enzymes and milk proteins help to absorb vitamins
  • Pasteurized milk is more likely to lead to decay in teeth and interferes with the proper development of the teeth
  • Infants do not develop well on pasteurized milk
  • Pasteurization removes the stimulus to remove diseased animals from milking herds
  • Pasteurization has contributed to an increase in allergies
  • Pasteurized milk can be held for as many as four to five days in holding silos. The date on the carton is calculated from the time of bottling, not the date of milking
  • It’s cheaper to produce dirty milk and kill the bacteria by heat, that to maintain a clean dairy and keep cows healthy
  • Consumer Reports found 44% of 125 pasteurized milk samples contained as many as 2200 organisms per cubic centimeter (fecal bacteria, coliforms)
Raw milk farmer wins victory against county over 'illegal' sales
(NaturalNews) A small victory has been won on the raw milk battle front. Greene County, Mo., Circuit Judge Daniel Imhoff recently threw out a lawsuit against Armand Bechard, a farmer who sells raw milk to customers in the Springfield area. According to...

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