Homelessness, a good thing ?

For the life of me, I can never understand, why the homeless, and the like, don't resort to a wild natural diet, go fishing, enjoy being 'off the grid' eat raw food and weeds, and road-kill. (road-kill link below) Just trying to think on the positive side here.

What I would do, or try to do if I was in that situation. Instead they hit the dumpsters, beg and frequent the 'soup kitchens' for a hand-out. Seems to me, other than having mental problems, that they have the opportunity here to better themselves diet wise, and to live on their own without government over their shoulder, and not to have money to worry about ever again. And, hopefully, they find themselves in a warm climate. But even so, look at the Indians who did this 'camping' year around. I know, I know; here I sit before my PC with my flat 23 inch screen, safe and sound under a condo roof, AC or heater running, whatever I choose, full fridge with food bought at the grocery store, some I grew myself, an array of cloths in the closet, phone at the ready and a CD ready for the nights viewing pleasure, telling how I think a homeless person can live better. It smells a little hypocritical, wouldn't you say.....duh!

OK I agree, but hear me out. It is all relative. People spend money on eBooks, and the like, to tell them how to live 'off the grid' eat raw healthy food, come and go as you like, not to worry about money or family troubles or their health, when these homeless people are there already. If only they knew that they 'have it all' at their finger tips, instead of thinking they don't 'have it all' and moan and grown and hate their existence and live off of pity. The reason homelessness isn't inviting is because the media is paid handsomely to spread the distaste and discussed of it. I'm sure there are those who treasure their homelessness that the media avoided.

Maybe I should turn this hub page into a 'homeless manual' for those who really are serous and level headed of their choice and don't want to live off of others pity and to stay free, I mean really free, and not running back home or giving up and turning themselves in to the local police station, like a girl did recently from Lititz, close to where I live.http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/844375_Brenda-Heist-found-living-with-homeless-in-Florida-after-vanishing-11-years-ago-from-Lititz.html And I think she has mental problems anyway, unless she can blame her troubled life on someone else, again for the media.

One approximation of the annual number of homeless in America is from a study by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, which estimates between 2.3 and 3.5 million people experience homelessness. According to a 2008 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report an estimated 671,888 people experienced homelessness in one night in January 2007. And the States with the most homeless: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington State.

And, as I surmised, 23 percent of homeless people, I think the percentage is more, is an individual with a disabling condition (e.g., substance abuse, serious mental illness, developmental disability, or chronic physical illness) who has either been continuously homeless for a year or more, or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years. Ya see, there is no statistics about the homeless people who want to be homeless, and love their situation. I mean, ya can't get anymore free than that. Maybe I should use the descriptive term of 'Urban Outdoors-man' or 'endless camper' to be politically correct. They shy away from those statistics because they would show the public that it isn't so bad and certainly not the 'end of the world' to really 'rough it up' and get back to the basics of life. I mean really, us humans weren't supposed to pay for our existence on this Earth!

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