Good-by Cable & TV !

It's been two weeks now since I had the cable guy come and detach me. And though there was an element of psychological dependency I noticed, I have not regretted my actions.

In fact the dependency I felt, like I felt with caffeine, spurred me on to keep with my conviction. "How dare it do that to me," I said to myself. And the cable guy acted like a drug dealer that lost his customer; very irate and before he left he unplugged everything from my TV, not just the cable. I had to reconnect my DVD and VHF player/recorder and, no less, I had to plug my TV back into the AC in the wall. This also spurred me on, and helps make the $75.00 a month feel so much better back in my pocket, instead of with these 'dicks'! I'm probably not alone.

Now, I'm happy to say, I don't feel like such a mindless consumer, and more like just a viewer. The commercials were driving me up a wall. If 'they' didn't want me driving a new car, popping a new 'big pharma' drug down my throat, buying something on impulse instead of necessity, they wanted me to get upset about some 'news' they conjured up that turned out to be not that bad or that serous when I checked on line later.

The character, Howard Beal, from the movie Network, pops into mind, when he said to the viewing audience, "you are real, we aren't. We'll tell you anything you want to hear, just for ratings."

So true. But, and as I said on a prior hub page,  Internet for Liberties the Internet has given us liberties we knew nothing of prior to it's blessing. And it is a blessing. Not only can we find out who we are voting for before we vote, or what kind of a dictator we have that wont let us vote, we can get a better opinion, and many more opinions, on the internet with only a click of the mouser. And after I got detached, or rather un-plugged from cable, I found more interesting programming online, and without the advertisements, or rather with YouTube, the ad will be in the beginning and give me a chance to skip it if it doesn't interest me. How cool! So much better than interrupting me and my thoughts during a program and telling me I'm hungry now.

Amazon Price: $16.75
List Price: $25.95
Wild: An Elemental Journey From the book, 'Wild: an elemental journey,' Jay Griffiths writes that many of the houses she visited of the tribes in North America, Inuit in Canada as well as tribes in the Amazon as well as others that were 'raped' by missionaries, the TV was on constantly. "The TV is its self a kind of wall. The 'community channel' of this local TV in Canada played programs from the community to itself. It's a virtual world were fewer than 150 people living less than ten meters apart from each other communicated with each other by starring at the walls. The channel relayed messages and requests; it reported that a child's watch, a present from her grandmother, was lost on Saturday. There was a lottery being held and a for sale bulletin - including a helmet, a coffee maker and a eighteen speed bike. There was an ad for church services, where the church is shown in a green field with Noah arriving with a white dove, in an icebreaker.

 What I did now was join Netscape for less than nine dollars a month, is all I now use the TV for, beats the hell out of seventy-five, and then stream my movies right to the TV with a one time charge of fifty dollars for the box. That's right, a one time charge. But for anything else I go to my friendly PC, and if I had a smart phone, soon I will, I'd go there. I go to YouTube for my viewing pleasure, and it is a pleasure now, and devour the documentaries for an uninterrupted lesson on the world and my surroundings. I've learned so much and when I want to learn it, mind you. And allot of things I've seen I would never find on the TV. For instance the video I'll leave here for your viewing pleasure, if you so desire. It truly blew me away. Hope to turn you on, dear space brothers and sisters.

 Every television newscast is a conspiracy

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