Why do people degrade themselves?

Yes, sorry to say, self degradation runs rampant in our society. So much so it seems to be the normal thing to do.

And it isn't always on the outside, like the hole-ey guy pictured here who seems to be running out of room on his face to express himself/degrade himself. ( a TSA nightmare) 

Compliment somebody and see what they say to you about themselves. Nine times out of ten they wont say thank you and return a compliment, but will destroy their compliment you gave them, to the extent that they won't feel good about themselves. As if feeling good and positive about 'number one' is illegal and a gateway to more feeling goodness and passing it on to others.

Could that be the reason why people don't compliment? ..... as I asked in a prior hub page, Why don't people compliment? Do they suspect the negativity that will follow from a person who they have just complimented, and just don't want to go through it with them? I feel that way at times, especially when people 'get off' on their sicknesses, as if there is nothing else they have to offer than what is wrong with them!

"Oh, you look nice today, that's a cool dress."
"This old thing, I bought this second hand years ago." .....instead of saying; "Thank you, I like your dress. Where did you get it?"

Hell, even if you talk about the weather you're sure to hear loads of negative feed-back.
"Beautiful day today, isn't it?"
"Oh, we're suppose to have rain." Instead of saying like I do: "It sure is, but I figure if I start to breath in the morning and get out of bed, it's a beautiful day whatever the weather is like outside."

Yes, it is dangerous to compliment. The other day I said a friendly "hello, hows it goin," to a guy at the salad bar. Not only did he return my greeting and went back to his salad building, and I thought I was safe, he came back with this: "Doin OK, thank goodness my chemo is over."
I didn't know what else to say to the guy except, "happy your still with us," then I went back to my salad building even though his comment was causing me to loose my appetite, feeling embarrassed for him. "Hope it doesn't come back," is what he said. I asked myself, 'are we so boring to ourselves that we have to resort to our illnesses in general conversation?' Seems so.

What is it that makes us feel as though we don't deserve good positive things to happen to us? Where is it written that we have to always monitor our thoughts and actions so they aren't too happy, too positive, too vivacious, and just too damn enjoyable of this life? Is it sinful to be happy, healthy, and financially secure?

I dare say not. Not in my religion. And anybody that tells you that you have to wait till you're dead to be happy in heaven; I think got their wires crossed, and/or has the agenda of keeping you coming back to church every week, or more.

"Going to church every Sunday doesn't make you a Christian, any more than hanging out at a car dealership will make you into a car!"

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