Titanic Arrogance

This April 14th will be the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. At 11:40 pm, just four days into it's maiden voyage the Titanic hit an iceberg at near top speed and began taking on water.

Granted, this is old, a hundred year old, news, and nothing I can add here will save me and this hub page from the depths of boredom, except maybe one thing, and the reason I call this page, 'Titanic Arrogance.'

Some of us bloggers have nightmares about being boring to our readers. And some hubsters have nightmares of finding that what they wrote about, with their heart and sole, was already written by another hubster. And, if that wasn't bad enough, finding that other hubsters did a much better job, and researched more, on their hub page than you did. And there are a bunch of them. This is where I found myself with this Titanic subject.
Most have said that from the moment they saw 'Titanic' with DiCaprio and Winslet, they were filled with fascination, and attributed this to all the information that is available on the subject these days. That maybe so, but I have gone a little deeper in my reasoning's to the metaphysical. My fascinations were infatuations the moment I saw 'A Night to remember.' I've always called it the first movie, but it wasn't. It was the first movie to make me cry, but the first Titanic movie was in 1943, and it was a Nazi Titanic, no less. The second was 'Titanic' in 1953, first from Holly Wood, then came my fave, 'Night to Remember' in 1958, then 'SOS Titanic' in 1979, 'Titanic' in 1996, a CBS miniseries, then 'Raise the Titanic' in 1980, to our favorite 'Titanic' today. 

No, with this ship, deemed unsinkable, I felt as though I was on it that night. With reicarnation at my helm I either lost someone and watched them leave on a life boat, like Eva Heart said in the video that follows, that her and her mother left her Daddy on board, or I rode the beautiful monster, arrogantly made, to a chilling but peaceful death. I know not. I just know that I have never responded to anything as I did with that movie. And yes, I did see 'Titanic' the second movie, in a theater, but could not finish it. Possibly if it was a silent film I could have gotten further, but the music grips me real hard. I was the only one in the lobby, or in the restroom when I got more hand towels for my tears, but, believe it or not, I have very little doubt that I was closely associated with the Titanic that night. To what degree, I'll have to wait to see.
And Eva Heart hit the rivet right on the head for me, and gave this hub page a lifeboat, and gave me something unique to hold on to for dear life. She mentioned, "that men can be so arrogant as to build something and claim that it is indestructible. Nobody should have died, had she had enough lifeboats while she was sinking for two and a half hours on a very smooth sea, nobody would have died. All that happened on the Titanic that night was a tribute to mans arrogance."
One of the last words she heard her father say to her as he watched her go down the side of the Titanic in the lifeboat was, "don't worry honey, you'll be back in time for breakfast." That shows the attitude everybody had, from the builders, to the owners, to the deck hands that led the 'lucky' to a lifeboats. There weren't enough life boats because this ship is unsinkable. People left most of their belongings in their rooms because they thought they were returning later. It was insanely crazy.... but hey, we haven't learned anything.

ENGLAND REMEMBERS THE TITANIC: On Sunday the city that set the Titanic on its fated voyage a century ago plans to remember the lives lost. The ship left Southampton, England, on April 10, 1912, and sank five days later. The seaside city is set to commemorate the maritime catastrophe with religious services in one of many observances across the country. In Liverpool, where the ship was registered, commemorative events will take place at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, and a memorial will be observed at the Stoke-on-Trent home of Capt. Edward Smith.

Within these hundred years since the sinking of Titanic, we haven't learned, we still have that deadly arrogance.
Starting wars and Invading countries by administrations that deem themselves better off and know all the answers. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Being the nanny of the world when the nanny can't even take care of herself. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
God bless America, as though God doesn't bless other countries. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Knowing full, or fool, well the financial situation of our country, but still stay the course of spending, more taxes, more prohibition and more governmental jobs and laws. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Repeating the same mistakes even though those mistakes, you stuck with so 'bull-headedly,' brought you where you are today. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Cops playing doctor and invading homes because the occupants choose to use a better non toxic medicine rather than a synthetic 'legal' one. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Thinking that you have nothing to worry about, and the government will take good care of you and your family. Now that's Titanic arrogance.
Thinking anybody knows you and your body better than you do. Now that's Titanic arrogance.

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