Careful What You Visualize !

Have you ever had an imaginary argument or confrontation with somebody?

In your mind you see, feel and hear yourself quarreling with that person -- you hear the dialogue going back and forth -- and as you vividly imagine this argument you feel yourself getting more and more angry and more upset.

You've done this, haven't you?

You see how vivid you can be in your imagination? How you talk back and forth in your mind, and experience strong and powerful emotions.

You may be surprised to hear that when you do this you are practicing visualization. But this is NEGATIVE visualization! It gets results, but the wrong kind of results. You see, negative visualization gets you negative results -- it gets you what you DON'T want.

That's why I'm telling you --

DON'T do this kind of of visualization any more because it only brings you trouble!

To get what you DO want in your life, you need to practice only POSITIVE visualization using positive images, feeling and emotions, all of your senses to get powerful, positive results.
Here's how you can use your inner visional faculty of touch. To appeal to the sense of touch when visualizing for a new car, for example, in your imagination you sit in the new car and put your fingers over the steering wheel and feel the notches behind the steering wheel.
Also, smell the new leather on the new vinyl or the new upholstery. There’s a certain unique thing about the smell of a new car. I’m already into smell as well as touch here.
Touch what you want, see it, touch it, and feel it. The subconscious mind responds to visualization and it responds to feeling. But remember the visual sense (seeing) leads all of the other senses.
Use your emotions! How does it feel to be rich? How does it feel to have plenty of money? How does it feel to have a million dollars? Would you be laughing and feeling joyful? Then act out those emotions. Put a smile on your face and laugh out loud! Would you jump up and down? Then start jumping up and down.
Bring your sense of taste into play in your visualization. If there's somewhere you want to be, taste the food and drink that are indigenous to that area. You want to be in France? See it, touch it, taste the local cuisine. The idea of taste helps to stimulate your visualization.
In your visualization process, appeal to and employ the sense of hearing. In your mind,hear people telling you what you want to hear. Hear your friends saying to you, “Oh, you sure look great. That trip did you a lot of good.” Whenever you 'hear' anybody’s voice, you immediately tap into them on the subconscious level. You are in immediate subconscious communication.
So, Never get into a 'Mental Argument" This is why in your mind never have a fuss with somebody. If you see, feel, and hear yourself fussing with somebody, and people do fuss in their mind, there’s going to be trouble!

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