After some time with meditation, as I hope you'll soon notice, I started to not only remember my dreams in more detail, I was also able to control them better. For me this came about naturally. There was no meeting, that I know of, with my over-soul or any other inter galactic beings; not to say that there wasn't a meeting of sorts at one time. It is now a process of honing in on this ability and strengthening it. In this regard my over-soul is helping me with my dream-scaping and it is progressing very nicely. I feel like a director that is creating their movie or play. I also feel like a screenwriter because I keep a dream log to track and help remember the messages my dreams have given me. 
Before my over-soul's assistance, when I would waken in the middle of the night, I could return to my dream where I left-off. It was and is like pausing a DVD and then press PLAY after I come back to bed again and closed my eyes. This I can do no matter how many times I awake at night. If you can't do this, you will, and if you can't remember your dreams at all, you will start to with the progression of your meditation. 
But if you're still not having much success and would like more lucid dreams, or what I call 'trippie dreams,' like to have more control over your dreams and would like to remember your dreams better, ask your over-soul to help you. Quite a number of my dreams have started out in my work station and have progressed from there, which only makes sense; I'm already in these levels of my brain waves. This is the reason that I've said that I can't meditate laying in bed because I will fall asleep. I have just used this to my advantage. This may help you as well.

What I have found, as I've mentioned in chapter eight 'stomach mind,' thoughts are everything and will dictate your life, and it is our thoughts that will shape and direct our dreams. This also goes for what I read. I've had to stop 'cable' and/or only watch nature documentaries or 'good hearted' material because I will take it to bed with me and sleep with it, or try to sleep with it. Before this time I tossed and turned and hardly slept at all. Dreams, again like a DVD recorder, will playback to you your thoughts whatever 'shape' they are in or whatever 'rating' they have or whatever the 'title' they have. Your thoughts, what you have wrapped your head around, will be showcased for you to view and be critiqued. This is what I feel our 'dream mechanism' is for; to review our situation and be able to change it for the better, and to ultimately change your life for the better. 
That is the reason I never, EVER watch horror movies or read books like this anymore. They will lead to nightmares. I don't even look at doom and gloom posts on Facebook or read any articles like this. I watch what goes into my mouth and what goes into my head. As to why I've started two Facebook groups geared to a positive and loving frequency. #FunnyFaceDay and the group titled #WeInterGalacticBeings
We truly are intergalactic beings and our thoughts should be geared to that realm of thinking and understanding. To think otherwise is only selling ourselves short. To view other things that don't pertain to that life-style and convey a lack of self-worth thinking and of weakness of soul is only compromising your true self, your Temple. Don't let these outside influences influence your progress, because that is the reason they are there. To believe in yourself as an intergalactic being you will be as such. Your soul's evolution and your over-soul is counting on you.



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