WEED on National Geographic Magazine !

WEED right there on the cover of my National Geographic Magazine. And the article was in a 'positive light' no less, even though initially I got the wrong idea with the blood red letters ~ 'W E E D' ~ which is like icing on the surprise, 'Reefer Madness' got spent fast like a joint of dry Mex, but to some this discovery may damn near be bong breaking. Oh my the magazine they grew-up with has even gone to pot. And here it comes ....."what is the message they are sending to the children! Next that damn leaf will be on 'Boys Life' and the boys and girl scouts will start sponsoring grow lessons. Did you hear that there is a strain called, 'Girl Scout Cookies! Oh my."

It is a very nice article, but when I was going through the 28 pages I had to check twice to see if I wasn't really looking at a 'weed mag' like 'High Times' or more like 'Treat Yourself ' not the National Geographic my grand mother bought me. Maybe that's why they had few bud shots and stoners and stayed more with the medical side of the burning bush than the recreational side.

There was just one bud shot, one shot of people smoking, one babe a vaping, and one large photo of a child getting a 'dropper' from her mother.  There are two grow shots, one bud tenders shot, one shot of a bunch of cash on the floor and two pistols and one shot of a dispensary worker behind jars of nugs, but there is one photo of two brothers that caught my eye and my interest that I have to include it here. I never knew that addicts were able to use Cannabis to remedy their addiction.

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