God, look at us!

God, look at us!  Our lands, oceans and rivers, once teaming with life that once nourished our bodies and souls are polluted to the point of no return. Jesus, now we have to farm fish! Our air isn't fit to breath and the greenery that had once rejuvenate our oxygen supply is continually being compromised for the need of fossil fuel. Because of this treatment to our home, our Earth, we are sicker than ever. We can't deny it any longer; we are truly reaping what we have sown for ourselves and future generations.

We are in our God's image. Whatever your beliefs are, or non-beliefs are, makes no difference, we get back how we have treated our fellow man, plants and animals, and we have gotten back how we have treated our Earth home. It makes no difference as to what corner of the Earth you call home or the name of your 'good book' you read or the church you attend if you attend any, we all are
one and depend on this symbiosis we have with Earth, for our survival. Always have, always will.

Our creator has many names but they, He, She or It or All That Is, would not and did not create this Earth with us, and all that are our neighbors on it, for this sickness and this devastation. For this unhappiness and ill-treatment of the Earth and of each other. Our 'throw-away-buy-new' mentality has brought us to this point of stagnation and evil.

"Synthetic drugs and foods are for synthetic people and animals. Ever meet any?"-JRH

Everything we will ever need is here on Earth and everything we will ever need is within us. Our bodies, like our dear Earth, are a well tuned organic instrument. We are not synthetic. We are not man made chemicals. And no-matter how hard we try to change this fact or how big our ego or 'our' government gets, we, with the Earth, are not created in man's image, but, dear one, the other way around.

And with the help of the internet we are able to communicate with others from around our great Earth home. We are able to learn and understand from others and their mistake and make a difference. No longer can big business and big government hide their mistakes from us. Now we all can keep tabs on them and when one person finds out something beneficial or something wrong they can instantly alert others with only a click of a button or a click of a 'mouse.'

Yes, it is a small world after all, and thank goodness, or thank God-ness for it. Our life and well-being depends on it. We certainly are what we eat, what we breath and what we are exposed to. Our children depend on our decisions we make today. We surly reap what we have sown.

Here is an excerpt from a book that has become my bible. And don't worry there is no killing in it. No genocide or ethnic cleansing in it. The only bad in it is how we've treated our Earth and our selves in the name of profit. We have certainly committed blasphemous acts against our God. Our Earth. Ourselves.

The Secret Life of Plants
Chapter 15
page 240

In the early nineteenth century an American of English descent named Nichols cleared hundreds of acres of rich virgin land in South Carolina, on which he grew crops of cotton, tobacco, and corn so abundant that with the revenue he built a big house and educated a large Family. Not once in his lifetime did he add anything to the soil.  When it became depleted and his crops dwindled, he cleared more land and continued his exploitation of the land.  When there was no more land to be cleared the family fortunes declined.

Nichols' son, grown to manhood looked at the poverty-stricken acreage and just moved west to Tennesse, where he cleared two thousand acres of virgin land, like his father he planted cotton, corn and tobacco. When his own son was grown to manhood, the land was once again so depleted from having living things taken from it and none returned that he moved on to Horse Creek in Marengo County, Alabama, there to purchase another two thousand acres of fertile soil and raise and family of twelve children on the proceeds, the town became Nicholsville; Nichols became the owner of a sawmillm a general store, and gristmill.  This man's son also grew up to see devastation where his father had grown rich. He decided to move further west and settled in Parkdale, Arkansas, where he bought one thousand acres of good land on the bayou.

Four moves in four generations. Multiplied by thousands, this is the story of how Americans raised food on a continent which was there for the taking.  The great- grandson of the original Nichols, together with thousands of other farmers, inaugurated a new era. After World War I he began my farming his new acreage, instead of just mining it, adopting the new government-recommended  artigicial fertilizers. For a time his cotton crops prospered, but soon he noticed that his pest population was much worse than it had bee.  When the bottom fell out of the cotton market his son Joe decided that medicine, not farming, was to be his career.

At the age of thirty-seven Joe Nichols was a full-fledged physician and surgeon in Atlanta, Texas, when he suffered a massive heart attack which nearly killed him.  He was so frightened that for weeks he gave up his practice to consider his situation.  All  All he had been taught in medical school, pluss opinions of his colleagues, suggested his prognosis was extremely doubtful.  There was no answer for his affliction beyond nitroglycerin pills, which alleviated his chest pains but caused equally pain headaches.  With nothing better to do than to leaf through the ads of a farming magazine, Nichols came across the line, "People who eat narural food grown in fertile soil don't get heart disease."

"Pure quackery! Quackery of the worst sore," said Nichols of the magazine, which was Organic Gardening and Farming. He through the magazine away but the line nagged at him. At the local library the librarians were helpful in bringing Nichols  books on nutrition. He also scoured the medical liturature , but could find no answer to what constituted natural food.

Now, more than thirty years later, Joe Nichols' thousands-acre farm near Atlanta, Texas, is one of the showplaces of the state; he has never again been afflicted with a heart attack. He ascribes both success to the advice which he took from Sir Albert Howard's book Agicultural Testament and Sir Robert Mc- Carrison"s Nutritional and Natural Health. On his farm, not another ounce of chemical fertilizer went into the land, nothing but natural compost.

Nichols realized that all his life he had been eating "junk food," food produced from poisoned land, food that had led straight to a massive heart attack. He remains convinced that the answer to metabolic disease, whether it was heart trouble, cancer, or diabetes, was indeed natural, poison-free food grown on organic fertile soil.

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