Dazzle with Zazzle

You create it. You turn yourself on !

Zazzle will Dazzle ....

.....your friends, but more importantly, Zazzle will dazzle and introduce you to the artist - you, if you weren't aware of just how talented you are. And if you are aware of just how freaken talented you are, Zazzle will help you sell your work. And yes, all for FREE, that is if you don't sell one of your pieces.

And if you decide to purchase a piece of art at Zazzle, and there is so much to choose from, but want to change something about it like color, or a different shirt or mug, etc., not a problem. Change it to your liking right there on the site. And in most cases you can get a discount or give yourself a discount.
Zazzle is a great online retailer that allows members to upload their images to create and sell their own piece of art (merchandise like clothing, posters, greeting cards, etc) or purchase pieces created by other members of Zazzle. Members are able to open their own art store, or gallery, for free and also to set your profit margins for each of your items.
Zazzle was founded in 1999 by Robert Beaver, and his sons Bobby and Jeff Beaver. In 2005 Googleinvested 16 million into the business. In 2010, Zazzle was recognized as one of the "Hottest Silicon Valley Companies" by Lead411. It is based in Redwood City in California. Zazzle offers digital printing and embroidered decor on their retail apparel items, as well as other personalized techniques for other items.
I'm very pleased with Zazzle but don't understand how they've been instrumental in selling my work better than I have. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't sell at least three of my shirts or greeting cards. But I don't have to understand, I'm the Artist - they are the geek. And they are also the agent that will market your work, something I was never good at. I guess it is helpful that Google has invested interests in the company. My pieces, like yours if you are a member, have always gotten high first page ratings.
When I worked at a screen printing company I mentioned Zazzle to the boss one day. He smiled and ran to his computer to check it out. He came back five minutes later, I was manualy printing sweatshirts, and told me, "they won't last very long, ya can't beat the old fashioned way." Maybe he didn't want to think about what happened to film photography, I don't know. Within five months I was laid-off. In the next six months he went out of business and was bought out by a major screen printer here in Lancaster county. Six months later they went out of business. Zazzle is the wave of the future, like it or not.

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