Affirmations are no Joke !

by JR Hager
Affirmations have brought You where You are today. You wouldn't be who You are, who You love, where You live, what You eat, your health and your income, if You haven't thought your thoughts You have up to this point.
Like telling your pet dog, "lets go out for a walk," then when they get all excited or bring the leash back to you, you say, "oh, just kidding." The dog might tilt their head at your strange answer, but they will still be excited or still be their waiting by the door with the leash. They don't know what joking is. Everything is either black or white or good or bad. What you said to them still sticks, like what You tell yourself every day. Tell your self anything, I mean anything, and yourself will believe it whether You are joking or not. Words are words, and words to yourself are the most powerful. Words from others just don't match-up, unless You tell yourself they do, then they will.
You've been telling yourself who You are, all your life, You shouldn't be surprised. If and when You are surprised and your reflection does slap You across your face and wakes you up, think of yourself as very, very lucky. Most are so far gone they never get to this point in their life, and may have to wait till the next life. 'Something inside' is trying to get out to see the light, and show You who You really are. Show You that you do have a different life than the life you've been showing yourself. Show You that you've been lying to the most important person in your life, You. Go ahead, laugh it off again. I guarantee you'll get a head-ache, because a head-ache is yourself frustrated at yourself. Yourself is shouting, "HELLO, HELLO, Earth to You, Earth to You." Smile if You can hear me."
Go ahead, it's all free-will, keep telling yourself You are the way you are because of others and how they treated you, and this will be your reality, till you grow-up. Keep telling yourself that You need others, and You will. Keep telling yourself You need government, or anybody, to help You, and You will, for as long as You think You will. Keep telling your self that You don't deserve health, wealth, happiness, true love, freedom, and you wont get it. Keep telling yourself that You are fat because others in your family were, or are fat, and it will be true for You. Keep telling yourself that You aren't good at something, anything, and You won't be good at it. Keep telling yourself You never liked something, and You never will. Keep telling yourself that You have to live like your dead parents and/or relatives, and You will. Keep telling yourself that You were abused by somebody, and You will continue to be abused and feel abused.
People get a lot of mileage and talk about their troubles, they could get much more mileage without letting their troubles hang on to them.
Yes, and of course, keep telling yourself that this old guy JohnWindBell doesn't know jack-shit about anything, and I won't know jack-shit about anything ..... for You.
Funny, the only time miracles work is when the person believes that they do!
"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." -Anais Nin

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