Dearest ET,

(Sorry to call you that. Just consider the source, OK)

I write this as if you and your advanced special kind will ever read it. As if you could have any interest what some crazy 'monkey' wrote on a blog page on a old fashioned computer on that prison planet called Earth. As if you don't have more, much more, important tasks on your agenda than wasting precious time with our sorry example of an 'evolved human being.'
But I wouldn't know until I try. Until I ask. Until I venture. And who knows, there's so many of you of different origins possibly one could joke to the other, or word would pass on not so much about me, but about what catastrophe has happened here. As to why I write to begin with.
I realize I don't even have to write this letter, that 'things' are well in your capable, advanced hands as they have always been. That our human problems aren't really important galactic problems at all, just us making-up news and calling it worthy so we can sell it in our media conglomerates. Then our governments can take their next step and run our emotions and thus control the way we think and live. So we keep paying taxes so they can continue business as usual and keep treating 'we the people' like mushrooms. (fed shit and kept in the dark) Surprised I can still write these words, and haven't been apprehended.
I realize, then again, as you must, there are hundreds if not thousands, if not more, planets in our solar system that have life like ours, more or less advanced, and we are not unique by any stretch of our caveman imagination. That 'our world' isn't ours at all and never has been, but we share it with you and the others we call ET. That what we think is real and important is only our caveman imagination playing tricks with us, helping us survive. That all our Gods we have compiled over the years are really our conceptions of you, when we caught a glimpse of you coming or going. That we should be more thankful to you for helping our DNA so we can step a little closer to you and away from our proverbial cave.
I realize, then again, as you must, that our fear can get the best of us, our science fiction and movies don't help, and we are apt to 'see' you as evil and devil like, and a harm to us, instead of knowing you as the advanced helper (savior) that you are, and have been. That we should realize if you are devil and were evil we would certainly know it by now, and if you were of this ruthless heartless nature we would be the one hiding on this planet, instead of you and your people. That we should be more thankful to you for 'jump starting' our technological advancements, and DNA, so we can have a life closer to your life style and advancements.
But I, this human, only wants you, dear ET, to realize that, at times like now, I let the 'worries' get the best of me. You know how we are. Probably the main reason you don't show yourself all that much. It causes me to question all that I have just said, in an optimistic and positive vein, to rather a negative observation and realization. And if you've read this far, and can understand my words, and feelings, and you know what I'm getting to, of the fairly recent catastrophe that happened in Japan at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Well, dear space brother, if there was ever a time that we needed you the most. If there ever was a time for you to come out of hiding and show us a thing or two. And save the northern hemisphere, as well as the rest of the world, this is the time to come forth, fix the damn thing, save our life, and show us the energy you use. So we don't kill yourselves anymore. I think if you would just land and show yourself we humans would love one another instantly.  
Please help us, your cousins. It isn't our fault, it's the governments of the world that are the ruination of the peace, prosperity, love, and natural order of nature. It's the governments that pollute this wonderful world we live in. It's the governments that lie and try to hide their mistakes. Can you imagine a government that would make it a felony for it's citizens to tell the truth? 
Oh, I guess you can, you know us better than we do.
Thank you for your time, and for our time.
PS- Please let me know when you plan on this monumental occasion. I would love to have a photograph of us together for the news papers prior to your visit. Call it a prelude to our rebirth. 

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