We Crazy Americans

A few hours ago I was commenting on a Fan Box blog post titled 'Junk Food Causes mental disorders.' My comment: Of course junk food causes mental disorders; look at US Americans, we invented the junk. We are here to show you what not to do. Talk about mental disorders..... .......and thus this blog page was born. 

You bet your ass, like a bad parent, Americans are here to show the rest of the world what not to do. How not to live. How not to treat your fellow man and woman. How not to control others. How not to raise your children. How not to school your children. How not to treat your farmers. How not to grow food. What not to eat and what you'll look like if you do. What not to drink and what will you look like and what you will act like if you do. What not to smoke. What laws not to make. How not to govern people. How not to invade other countries. How not to start wars and how not to be a bully. And if we haven't ruined your life yet, listen to our doctors and take our synthetic drugs that kill thousands of people a year.

Yes, from sea to shining sea, we are the testament to the world and chuck full of examples that were a huge mistake. But hopefully others in the world will learn from our mistakes, certainly we sure don't. We Americans are here to show the world what exactly 'insane' really means. Look at us, we repeat the same mistakes over and over but expect a different outcome. That's the definition of insane. But leave it up to the USA; we wont correct our insane activities one bit, no, we'll just change the meaning of that 'heartless word' and go on our merry way, business as usual. It matters to us HOW we say something, not WHAT we have said, that is important.

 We are the bad parent to the world. Do what we say, not what we do. Our ego is such we'll tell other countries how to live, how to spend money, how to govern, what wars to be in, what people to hate, and what religion is appropriate, and we can't even handle our own problems. We don't work to end our financial problems and our debt, we just raise the 'debt ceiling' .... twice! We don't vote for the person who is able to really change our troubles, we vote for the person who is young, looks good, nice smile, full head of hair, goes to church every Sunday and holds the most babies after their speeches. For these people that run for office, creating jobs means creating government jobs, not normal jobs. And it's the normal jobs that the people can profit the most from.

The kind of jobs this country was founded on. More government jobs so we need more government and less of thinking for ourselves. More 'big pharma' synthetic drugs and less thinking for ourselves so we continue to use the drugs instead of getting well with homeopathic medicine. More spending money that we don't have, just print more. More of the American way as if the American way didn't get this way by being the American way in the first place. This is the insanity. The home of the free and the brave has morphed into a myth. As if it wasn't one. Should be called the cuckoo's nest.

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