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A Devil, oh please!

Other than being good for movies, Halloween, and shouting fear from the pulpit, what's the point of the Devil anyway? (and I will capitalize it no more)
Oh I know, the devil is the best cop-out there is. "The devil made me do it" as the comic Flip Wilson said from my first color TV. The line was so funny because the statement was so foolish. Something out there making you do what you didn't what to do, yea right!
"The devil spoke to me in the neighbors dog." (Son of Sam killed because his neighbor's dog who was supposedly possessed by satan told him to.) And our prison complex is no doubt chuck full of inmates playing the 'devil card' or the 'born again' card to help their dire situation. But it just seems so trite to me these days and times of not being responsible for much at all. I mean, I remember the time when a lady at McDonalds dropped her hot coffee on her lap, and then turned around and sued the joint. I remember it because of one reason and it's probably the same reason the news carried it. SHE GOT HER MONEY. That's special, isn't it? Getting paid for not being responsible for your own actions.
Oh I can hear the 'Bible banging' crowd now. "It is written that the devil was caste out of ....." & "The devil personifies evil, so we know the good of God" ....well, I'll agree somewhat with the latter one. Like saying, "you can only know peace from war" "love from hate" "darkness from light" ....but to think and to say that you think there's an entity out there in the sky above 'hell bent' on our demise and destruction is immature to me. That went out with the other characters of childhood meant to keep us in line. But don't look at me like I'm an atheist now. Far from it. That's how a Mennonite girl looked at me and called me so. (and told me she wasn't judging me) We worked together one summer in a greenhouse. We were admiring all the beauty of nature. It was a wonderful 'Pan' moment for me. For awhile I thought we were going to agree on the 'dogma questions' for a change, but ..... NOT. Hell, she couldn't even come half way with me. But nor could she answer my question, "where is the devil in all this beauty that surrounds us here?"
Bringing the devil into your life is much like degrading yourself in front of yourself. (my prior hub page 'Why do people degrade themselves?') Like we're not supposed to enjoy all this beauty on earth, and should feel guilty when we do or start to. Or to say that there's some reason, as far-fetched as it is, that I am poor because God has this plan for me. This is nonsense.
Remind's me of the joke: God greets a person in heaven who died in a flood, but ask him why, "you past-up the rescue boat I sent you, and then waved the rescue helicopter I sent you, to go on? You said that God will provide. Who on Earth do you think was sending these things for you?"
Another one: God greets another person in heaven that died of poverty and starvation. They ask Him why didn't I win the lottery that I prayed all my life for? God answers him: Ya had to meet me half way on this, and buy a ticket.
My point; God made all this beauty for us to enjoy and live on this Earth, there's absolutely no reason, I say no reason, to feel guilty about enjoying any of it. You would have offended your dear parents on Christmas if you told them that you didn't deserve the gift they worked hard to give you, now wouldn't you.
Ever wonder why most rich people are liberal? Yep, you got it; guilt.
So, don't offend your God, enjoy this absolutely awesome far-out Gift called LIFE ! (while you still can)

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