Ya Know Yur Stoner ....

..... when watching the news on TV you eventually yell - "legalize it ya dumb dick."

..... when in an Amsterdam coffee shop (lucky bastard) you yell - "Hey, somebody got their Strawberry cough mixed with my Train Wreck Kush!"

.....when you seriously consider, on a Sunday, calling the Post Office to have them get your DVD out of the mail box - because you forgot how the movie ended.

.... when you get out of the shower and find your towel is already wet - from the shower you had not five minutes ago.

....when you realize that the song you were listening to - ended ten minutes ago, or so.

....when you tell a friend a joke - that he told you as he was rolling the joint you'all finished.

....when you wait for the stop sign to turn green.

....when you wonder why, after several times, you can't lite you lighter in your mouth - with your bowl.

.... when you try to say something - but your tongue won't move right.

.... when you put sentences together like 'X' president Dick Bush.

.... when you walk somewhere - then feel like you've been gone for days.
Ya-no Yur Stoner  ~when skunk road kill doesn't smell all that bad to ya !

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