Say Good-bye Hallmark !

Granted, I did enjoy going to the famous card shop ....

by JR Hager II.... as well as others like it. Standing there with somebody in mind while paging through the cards until one 'strikes' me, and I can't put it back, and I buy it for that special someone in my life.

At least that's how I did it in the past. With the advent of the computer and the printer I do most of my greeting cards myself. I do, however, still visit the card shop on occasion, but that's to get ideas or to buy one of those new audio cards. I'm not able to do those on my PC, as yet.

If you decide to do your own greeting cards, like I do, you'll be amazed as to how easy it is, how simple you can keep your process, and how inexpensive you can keep it. And no special software is needed. And don't think for a moment you have to have a degree in art or photography or be anywhere close to being talented. You can be far from gifted and still turn out some beautiful cards for yourself. I don't think you could get any more personal than greeting cards you make at home.

My Y o u T u b e Channel   How I hand-tone photographs

But I would feel guilty ....

.... if I didn't use photography in some way or other with my greeting cards. It is my first love long before I could even grasp what the word love meant. And since I started producing my own cards I haven't missed an occasion for anybody in my family. Imagine that, a guy not forgetting to send a card. Which to them it's probably a sorta miracle. In fact, allot of my cards have found there way behind glass, framed and matted, and hung on the wall. If that isn't the best compliment ever! I hope this happens for you, with whatever you create.

Honestly you really don't have to get fancy, (you can see this on my personal Blog) They offer quite an array of designs and colors, does a good job for me, and it's free.

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