Save Your LIFE - Balance Your PH !

The human body is slightly alkaline so it is better for your health to partake of alkaline foods. When you eat too many acidic foods your body becomes unbalanced and can cause a whole collection of problems like weight gain, poor concentration, fatigue and depression, and that can lead to a host of serious medical conditions.

The human must maintain its own perfect pH level in order for its systems to function properly, and this includes keeping rogue cells from becoming metastatic disease, translating into cancerous tumors in multiple organs. Our ancestors didn’t eat in a way that upset this delicate balance in our bodies.
There is a repressed study out there that shows chemotherapy success is probably more to do with the drugs being alkaline than having any actual cancer killing properties.

It is proven that cancer thrives in acidic conditions, it is also proven that Sugar, refined processes white beads and pastas, and most processed foods create an acidic environment in our bodies. It may not change the situation of a patient who already has cancer, but what could it hurt to try? This is a great preventative measures to take for anyone who has a history of cancer in their family or because they have already beaten cancer themselves. The drug companies that manufacture cancer medications, and the scientists that work for them, are going to "myth bust" this information because if it is truth than they could potentially lose out on money. I would rather be safe than sorry. Maybe you should try using some critical thinking skills and read up on this issue from all stand points negative and positive before you draw any conclusions.

Acid and alkaline are chemical opposites. Whenever these bases interact with acids, there's a conflict between them and the result is too much salt in your system.

The “normal” range of saliva pH is between 7.3 and 7.4. Most people, on the other hand, are much too acidic with a pH that is much lower. They tend to be burned out, tired with a body starving for a balance again. Under the influence of acidic foods the muscles fatigue much more easily. You slow down because your body has trouble producing the same physical results as before.

The alkalizing foods are better for your health and help to balance the pH of your body. While acid, alkaline and pH are common terms, many people do not understand what they mean and what their collation with nutrition and health happens to be.

When you eat acidic foods the free radical oxidation occurs and causes your cells to die, making you age much faster. Your Vitamins and minerals don't absorbed as easily. The friendly bacteria in your small intestine die, and that puts the digestive system off balance and in a lot of stress. High levels of acidity inhibits the ability for intestinal walls to absorb nutrients. Cells become stressed out with all the toxins and cannot function properly.

Alkaline foods have a wide variety of benefits for your health. They improve your muscle output. They have antioxidant effects in your body and increase assimilation at the cellular level and allow cells to operate normally. There is also a reduction of parasites and yeast overgrowth with the intake of alkaline foods. They also promote a deeper and more restful sleep, youthful skin and relieve colds suffering, headaches and the flu.

Cancerous tissues are acidic, and healthy tissues are alkaline. Oxygen enters an acidic solution and combines with hydrogen ions and form water. Oxygen neutralizes the acid, but the acid prevents oxygen from reaching tissues where it is needed. When oxygen enters an alkaline solution, these two hydroxyl ions are combined to create one water molecule and one oxygen atom. The oxygen atom is able to go to the next cell and bring all the benefits of oxygen to the tissues of the body. At a pH slightly above 7.4, cancer cells become dormant, and a pH of 8.5 cancer cells die while healthy cells live.

Over stimulation of bodily tissues because acidic foods cause a lot of damage, and type II diabetes is just a symptom of an acidic lifestyle. Bringing the body back into balance, you must include alkalizing green vegetables, green drinks and the good fats back into your diet. The plant proteins from grains and legumes help restore the previous homeostasis in your body. 

Alkalizing foods have a splendid tonic effect on your body. Neutralizing the acidity in your bloodstream; alkaline foods act as quite a relief to your system that's regenerating and restoring the damaged cells. Diets high in acidic foods make the body break down prematurely. By determining what foods have an alkalizing effect on your body you can incorporate them into our diet in larger healthful amounts. On the average, the pH level of human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45; levels. A level of 7 and above is considered alkaline.

Paying much needed attention to which minerals have alkalizing effects can add the proper balance to your blood pH. These minerals that have an alkalizing effect on the body are: cesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. If your diet consists mainly of processed foods and very few vegetables, you will definitely benefit from the change.

Yes, as the old saying goes, “you are what you eat” is most absolutely true. By controlling the amounts of alkaline and acidic food you eat, you are giving your body a fighting chance for survival, and may save your life.

Balancing your PH

  1. In the morning take a half a glass of spring water.
  2. Put in 3/4 tsp of baking soda (3 1/4)
  3. Squeeze a half organic lemon and, as you stir, pour the juice in the water.
  4. It will fizz. Drink on an empty stomach will make you burp, this is what you want. (You will also notice that you will get less indigestion during the day. And this will be the gateway to not having to swallow any more anti acid drugs the doctors and 'big pharma' pushes.)

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