Dear Mr. Rothschild,

Sorry for the poster here, nothing personal, just using it to set the tone of this blog page. And this poster, I came across on Facebook, was what gave me the inspiration to write you. Your family net-worth is what stuck-out.

And I was going to send Bill Gates this letter/blog but I figure you could pass it on to him at your next meeting. Because after you-guys hear about this blog and the idea I have, you'll want to have a meeting. I mean, it's your World too!

The Golden Rule has always been my creed to live by. I figure it's the bases of any religion, or non-religious institutions, groups or businesses, or it should be. But as I have always treated others as I would want to be treated, there is a side-effect. I look at others and think, "what would I do In their situation." ....and I certainly wouldn't like to see my picture on a poster like this on Facebook.

My comment on the Facebook post was, 'these people could end World hunger and World pollution with a stroke of a pen.' 

Granted, it would take several years or more to actually see results, but the initial stroke of your pen would get it all started. And it wouldn't take a lot of your money or a lot of your time. It will however, and this is your side-effect, it will change the way people look at you. People will always hate you for your money, but this way they will see something different on Facebook. Like the other millionaires who have given millions to charities.

World hunger can be eradicated. A price has been set and estimated by the United Nations to solve this crisis of food shortage by focusing on agricultural development.
The cost to end world hunger is $30 billion a year. It may seem like a large sum of money, but when compared to the funds that the U.S. spends on defense - $737 billion in 2012, $30 billion seems more attainable. The $30 billion expense is manageable, especially when the U.S. would be joined by other investors in global poverty, but it has the capacity to be the leader.

More money will probably be needed for the worlds pollution. China alone will need to spend nearly 5 trillion yuan, or $817 billion, to fight air pollution, according to Fang Li, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection. Fang’s startling estimate came on Sept. 23 as he released the Chinese capital’s antipollution blueprint, which promises significant improvements in air quality by 2017.

Beijing alone will have to fork out $163 billion to clear its skies, according to Fang. The Chinese capital has for many years suffered from serious air pollution, but the smog reached record levels last winter when choking haze engulfed the city for weeks. Forced into action by the ensuing public outrage, the government is now unveiling its clean-air strategy as another undoubtedly toxic winter looms.

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