TIME TRAVEL~* Remember when we didn't believe in it !

Funny, I've always had a 'thing' for old photographs. I could get lost in them for hours on end. Maybe that's why I became photographer in the first place. I remember looking at them, particularly works by Mathew Brady, and trying to see kids that looked like me or what I would have looked like in that time, in the photos. One photo I came across that I just loved to loose myself in was the one to the right here.>

It was taken in Gettysburg on November 19, 1863, taken about noon, just after Lincoln arrived and some three hours before his famous Gettysburg Address speech. Lincoln is in the crowd in the background, but in the foreground there is a child that caught my attention and kept my eyes glued to him. He was about my age at the time I first found the photo. I have dissected the photograph for years to come and when I look at it now I go back and remember and see myself in the library hovering over the large 'coffee table' style book.

I always did have an eye for detail particularly in photographs, as to why it took me so long to print and finish images for a client or myself. After I would switch on the light, and my safe-light would go off, I would always find something I didn't like in the photograph when my eyes adjusted and then I had to do the print over. Yes, I was and am, my worse critic.

The first thing in the photo that I thought extremely odd was: here we have the President of the United States arriving and a lot of the people seem as though they couldn't care less. People are looking elsewhere and talking and minding their own business. I didn't get it. If Lincoln was coming to my town I would be as close as I could get to the guy, not way across the street, not talking to anybody and for sure not looking the opposite way, like the kid is doing. And if I was there photographing this great event I sure as hell wouldn't be across the street, I would sure be a lot closer to Lincoln than the photographer was.

What next caught my eye was the size of the kid's shoes. Geez, they are damn near clown shoes, and dirty. If I was there to see the President I would make sure I would be wearing my 'Sunday best' if I had it. But then they, as well as his cloths, could have been the best cloths he had. And the reason they are so big is probably because they are handy downs from his brothers or Dad, which I could understand. I wore 'hand-me-downs' when I was his age. But while I was compiling information, videos and photographs for this blog page I came across a gentleman that has a whole different story about the kid in the picture, and the size of his shoes. And, as I learned, not only is his story different, if not outlandish, or 'outlander' he made me envy him, if what he has to say is true.

The guys name is Andrew D. Basiago and from the article, I linked below, introduces Examiner.com readers to quantum access evidence in the form of a time travel artifact that resulted from his childhood participation in DARPA’s secret time travel program in the early 1970’s. The ALTA reports and Web Bot technology have identified Mr. Basiago, an emerging figure in the disclosure movement, as a “planetary whistle blower” based on the global significance of his revelations. Exploring this time travel artifact will help establish a frame of reference for Examiner.com readers to better evaluate evidence gathered by quantum access technology and time travel.

The first novel to turn me on to the idea of time travel was, naturally, 'The Time Machine' by H.G. Wells, published in 1895 and later adapted into two feature films of the same name. He is credited with the concept of time travel as well as introducing the term "time machine" that was, apparently, never thought of till then.

But the novel 'The Time Traveler's Wife' I found more believable, and I have worn out my first copy and had to buy another. This great read is the first novel of the American author Audrey Niffenegger and published in 2003. It is a wonderful love story about a man that has a genetic disorder that causes him to travel through time unpredictably and naked, no less. His wife, an artist, has to put up with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences that eventually leads to his demise. But not before he can have children that .....oops, don't want to ruin it for you.
And, why yes, of course it's a movie as well.

The Time Machine
Amazon Price: $4.26
List Price: $5.95
The Time Traveler's Wife
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                                                                     cell phone ?

After I made the statement, 'Science Fiction is becoming more and more non-fiction,' I deliberated further. I wondered, as time goes on, will there be any fiction left at all, science or otherwise?

I mean think about it. It was science fiction, as well as heresy, saying that the World is round. Science fiction that we could start a fire with a match, let alone a lighter. Science fiction that one can light a room with electricity instead of candles. Science fiction that people can talk to one another over a long electrical wire. Then it was science fiction that we could talk to one another without the long wire. Science fiction that we could breath under water with a machine. Science fiction that we can fly without wings and with a machine. Then it was science fiction that we would be able to fly in outer space. Then it was science fiction when we thought we could travel in that outer space to another planet, and no less, land and walk on that planet. And though some of you haven't quite made the shift yet, or aloud yourself to do so no matter how many TV programs and/or YouTube videos show you otherwise, that it was science fiction to think of any space brothers and sisters out there in the vastness of space, no matter how shockingly vast it is.

I have an opened mind, some times too open for my friends and familys comfort. For awhile there I thought that time travel could be possible, I think everything else is quite possible. For awhile there I thought vampires were possible. I stuck my teeth into and devoured Ann Rice's vampire chronicles till there wasn't a drop left. But I think that was more of the fear of death and wanting to experience my histories past. I certainly didn't want to go through hundreds of years of watching my loved-ones die and hundreds of years of killing people for their blood so I could keep on living.

But then if time travel is possible why is there any 'bad' in the world? Or why is there any bad people left in the world. Or why was there ever any bad people? Why are their any killers, rapists, and the like. All the time travelers had to do was to go back and change all the bad into good. The whole World could be like a faerie tale world! Then I saw this video on YouTube of the remake of the Twilight Zone program in 2002. Then it all made sense again. Time travel could indeed be real like the rest of the so called science fictions. I'm looking forward to the day and time. See ya !

"Life takes you where it wants to, we're just along for the ride." -Jude Sperdute

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