Why is the Cannabis plant still illegal ?

There are two main reasons that this plant Cannabis is illegal:

First; Industrial/Economic and second a humanitarian aspect. According to the first if cannabis is legalized; human beings will become more efficient in their productions and a lot of industries will be dissolved due to weaker materials and inefficient processing methods becoming obsolete and being replaced by hemp.

Hemp's malleability, durability, strength, absorption, variety, and versatility renders it the best without a competitor, producing more than 25,000 eco/cost friendly products; that is an immense range from just one plant that grows within a month's time on most landscapes and in almost any weather. 

Cannabis can never be patented and therefore criminalizing it has been a corporate endeavor ever since its prohibition because corporations can not afford people becoming independent of them and their primitive harmful products.

As for the second, if marijuana is legalized and the vast majority starts consuming it, people would start having an increased spiritual consciousness that would lead to a change of heart and an altered mindset. When people are under the effects of marijuana the brain is revitalized, it turns them into pacifists which is bad for war. They think according to logic and reason and begin to question pivotal concepts like existence, culture, governance, law and economics which is bad for nationalistic ideals & religions - the two major elements that separate human beings from each other.

People become very creative with a heightened sense of novelty and that is bad for a uniformly subdued society with a herd mentality, people start to value money less; turning against consumerism and a materialistic society have proved with its subject's predatory mentality to be the backbone for sustaining a modern state of slavery and eventually they realize that the most absurd invention is governance leading the people into Anarchy.

*That is why Cannabis is the most feared and most spent on plant in law-enforcement History! This is a crime committed against the earth and its children by a trinity of beneficiaries whom have been relentlessly maintaining this absurd ban forming a cartel comprised of the government, banks, and drug dealers."

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