Rapture "Dooms-day-ers are bummed-out ?"

Dooms-day-ers, well .....

.... chalk up another one that this dude just doesn't understand. Isn't it good that they are always wrong?
(Andy Rooney wouldn't never touch this one with a ten foot cross)

Whatever the religion as long as the person preaches love and the brotherhood of man, is alright with me. But when they preach fear, the end of the world, strap bombs around their waist and kill in the name of their God, or have their followers drink spiked cool-aid (member Jim Jones) ....makes me wanna run to the beach, the hills, the woods, for some sense. Ah, the great outdoors!

Levine News: DOOMSDAY GROUP DISAPPOINTED: There was a volcano in Iceland and Mitch Daniels announced he wasn’t running for president, but Saturday night was mostly a disappointment for followers of rapture forecaster Harold Camping. On Saturday morning, as believers watched their televisions for the expected earthquakes sweeping the globe as the clock struck 6 p.m. EST, Camping reportedly insisted the rapture was still on its way. Todd Evans, Camping’s P.R. aide, took his family to Ohio to greet the end of the world, but now plans to return to California next week.

Just wondering, also, did they supply their followers, once they were good and brainwashed, a bank account to transfer all their money? Um, they won't be needing it in heaven, right? Yea, you'll go to heaven, while I laugh to the bank

And since there are eyes still left to read this, dear reader, could only mean the 'doomsdayers' were wrong again. So don't worry FamilyRadio and the others, count your gains, and your new followers, there's still time for another doomsday. Think of all the people you can scare, shirts and books you can print and sell, websites and movies you can make before the year 2012. After that we'll see.

Imagine the life of a doomsdayer; bent on the notion that the destruction of mankind will somehow prove that their idioms were right, even though they were always wrong before. Like voting for change, but getting the same. Changing a word to another because it offends some. Like putting your family aside, spending money and time to stand out on a curb somewhere preaching the rapture, when not only could your money and time be better spent elsewhere with your family or a more deserving cause, if these doomsdayers knew without a doubt that this day they set their sites on is the last day, they wouldn't be out on that curb holding that sign and handing out brochures, they'd be holding their child, or whats left of their belongings, and running for cover, running for their lives for some reason. The mere fact they are on that curb chanting the rapture is testament of their own doubt. It is when the doomsdayers aren't there at the curb, but at the nearest grocery store stocking up on the necessities of life, when one needs to worry.

So I'm always happy, overjoyed, to see the doomsdayers at the curb while everybody else is out and about and doing business as usual. It's a good sign, whatever the sign says they are waving, whatever the pamphlets proclaim, whatever the tee shirt prescribes, whatever the preacher screams from the pulpit or the followers intone; it is a good day. Let heaven and nature sing.
And anyway, I was hoping for a visitation of the third kind. Now that would be the end of the world as we know it. But I guess I have to wait for that eye-opener. That would be like the day we discovered fire. There's still time brother.

Gosh, this scare-monger doesn't quit ;~):

HAROLD CAMPING PREDICTS RAPTURE WILL NOW BE Oct. 21 : Harold Camping will not stop warning of the impending Rapture, no matter how many times he is wrong. The doomsday preacher and radio-show host came out of hiding Monday and said the end of the world will be October 21, not May 21 as he previously predicted. He had earlier said Oct. 21 would be the day the Earth would be consumed by a fireball. On his show Monday, Camping said the Rapture did begin May 21, just in a “spiritual” and not “physical” way. “But it won’t be spiritual on Oct. 21,” Camping said. Camping’s incorrect prediction of the Rapture was not the first time he’s been wrong—he previously predicted the end of the world would be in 1994, but then attributed that to a mathematical error.

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